My First Restaurant Review

My First Restaurant Review

This is sort of like “Baby’s First Steps,” though unfortunately I don’t have adorable, pastel-matted still-frames to share with you (now she’s taking a bite! Now she’s not-so-discretely taking pictures on her iPod!). It was published yesterday (Wednesday) in the St. Petersburg Times, the city’s biggest (only?) English-language newspaper.

Despite my inconsistency in posting to it, I like my blog. I like indulging in inappropriately long and numerous parentheticals,  hyperbolic comparisons, and unstructured, tangent-filled ramblings without worrying about  journalistic integrity or whether or not to use Oxford commas (I say yes. The St. Petersburg Times says no). The Allison Geller Manual of Style is a loose and amorphous set of rules, based on a set of fickle yet strongly held opinions. AND IT IS RIGOROUSLY FOLLOWED.

Of course, like 6 people read this blog. So sometimes it’s nice to write something for an audience of at least a few more.


So here’s my review of Ukrop, a new-ish vegetarian (and, though I didn’t know this before I decided to review it, a mostly vegan and raw) restaurant in St. Pete. There’s borsch and pelmeni, but this ain’t your grandma’s borsch and pelmeni. Meaning it’s less delicious, but delivered in a much hipper atmosphere.

Welcome to new Russian cuisine.

And as a special bonus for reading my blog, here are some pictures of the place, because I had somewhat less than a thousand words to write the whole review.

Spinach, cheese, and pine nut pelmeni (Oxford comma!).

Spinach, cheese, and pine nut pelmeni. (Oxford comma!)

How very twee. (Unoriginal description!)

The eponymous herb.

The eponymous herb. (Latinate, unprintable adjective!)

That totally looks like something you'd want to eat, right?

This LOOKS like something you’d want to eat. (Sarcastic, unnecessary comment!)

The gig at the St. Petersburg Times is just getting going, but so far I’m copy editing there once a week, unpaid, and working through three unpaid articles before they start paying me a normal (meaning probably nominal) freelance rate. I’ll have another article or two in next week’s paper. They publish once a week, on Wednesdays, in print and online, both versions free. I actually started reading it before I moved here, when I wanted to find out about the city and landed on it online. It’s really quite a good publication, and I’ve already learned so much about what’s going on in Russia from copy editing a couple of times. And really, I love few things more than sitting down with a stack of galley proofs and a pen and going at it.

Of course, I’ll be keeping you posted. All six of you.


19 thoughts on “My First Restaurant Review

  1. Looks like a fun way to write an article–something that gets you out and about and hopefully gets you a free meal, too!

    • That is does!! And sometimes I get to argue with the waitstaff to get the right receipts for the accountant at the newspaper… nothing like money on the line to really get you to open your mouth.

  2. i think it’s really nice to review restaurants. I’m sure the eyes of the entire world will be on you in a good way, in a short while.

  3. Hello! Remember me? I’m a friend of Edward and Jamie! I’ll be in St. Petersburg April 6-21, lets have lunch. Also, I love your blog. 🙂

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