I’m back!

To my faithful readers,

…..Ok, now that the crickets have died down.

I apologize for my blogging silence in the last few weeks. My schedule has really kicked into high gear, as it always seems to in my life, so that it’s working/working more/dancing/coming home and falling into bed in exhaustion before waking up at 6 to do it all again. And the big problem, which is that while the wifi works quite well, I can’t access WordPress in my apartment.

Strana…ochen strana… as my roommate Irina said. Strange…very strange.

So here I am in the “Kofe Chaus” near my apartment, where there is free wifi and also free confirmation of stereotypes as it is snowing outside and there are two very drunk Russian men flinging their gloves around and carousing and…ok, that one just make a shooting sign at the waiter and went “pew pew!” …He just got up and said “Ya poidu”– “I’m leaving.” Phew.

Anyways, where was I. Oh yes. Due to the inconvenience of not being able to blog from home, I hope to be able to find time to binge blog and schedule several posts at once, when I’m not distracted by drunk Russian men. But we’ll see how that goes.

(One of the drunk Russians just broke a glass…. and now two security guards in well-cut black blazers have appeared by their table. I think they’re actually leaving now.)

In the meantime, here is a picture of a dumpster whose contents are, inexplicably, on fire, that I took one morning this week when I was walking to the metro.


Stay warm. One of us may as well.Image


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