Letter from Russia, Vol. 1: Guest Post on Gadfly

I’m contributing a series of monthly columns to Gadfly, a pretty sweet blog where my friend Matt Conover is an editor. With the tagline “culture that matters,” Matt helps write and vet posts including film, music, and literature reviews, original literature by contributors (including poems by Yours Truly), interviews, and columns on various political and cultural themes.

And now, my musings on life as an expat in a country that is still pretty mysterious to most Americans, who mostly know it as the place where the vodka is rumored to be cheaper than water (not true…in general) and female punk rock bands get slammed by Putin (sadly, true).

So more words, less pictures, than on this blog, but an equal amount of flippant comments, angsty complaints, and self-deprecation. For this first month, the theme is, no surprise, Life on the Other Side of the Language Gap. Where I live all the time, and wave and jump and yell and hope someone will understand me.

You can’t appreciate a good capitalist lock until you come to Russia

The graphic that some talented person over at Gadfly made to go with the letter is awesome. It’s way better than the letter. So if only for that, you should visit Gadfly.



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